"Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for your hard work and input. You will NEVER know how much it has helped and how much it has meant. I am a fan for LIFE!!!!!!...You have a wonderful talent for taking something raw and turning it into something wonderful. I give you so much credit because you deserve it." --Gayle Jackson Sloan, author of Saturday's Child, Wednesday's Woes, and Let The Necessary Occur
 "First I wanted to tell you thanks so much for editing King of Spades. Girl, it sounds and reads much better.  I just wanted to let you know you're the bomb, and not too many editors put their time and effort into making sure your manuscript is tight, as you can see with mine, which went through two editors before you. Thanks once again."--Kiniesha Gayle, author of King of Spades
"Melissa, you are the best. As an editor, you know how to spank my hand without hurting my feelings. Your comments are always constructive and valid. You can point out things I overlooked, and I need that kind of backup. I'm always confident that when my novels come back to me I don't have to cringe at your comments." -- Darrien Lee, Essence magazine Best-selling author.
 "Melissa, as you know, Q-Boro Books has published many books in the past year and a half and we have also worked with many editors, and by far we have been the most pleased with the editing services that you have provided for us." -- Mark Anthony, Founder, President, and Publisher of Q-Boro Books
"Thank you for all of your help, support, and comments in making my first novel a better read." -- Donald Groves, author of Jake 
 "Thanks, Melissa! I appreciate you taking the time to help us out with the meticulous comments. Thanks so much! We really appreciate you!" -- Candace K. Cottrell, Editorial Director for
Q-Boro Books
"You've been a godsend. The book reads so much better . . . so I'm loving this version much better." -- Lesley E. Hal, author of Blind Temptations: The Seduction of Sex, Lies, and Betrayal 

"Thank you for turning my dream into a reality. I know when you first received my manuscript you almost caught a heart attack with all the countless errors it had. Nevertheless you took your time and provided helpful, honest feedback. I will treasure our experience forever and I hope you edit all of my future work. I know your schedule is hectic, because your talent is now being highly sought, but don’t forget about me. I need you. Any author who works with you should realize their blessings. Keep doing yah thang."--Tra Verdejo, author of Born in the Streets But Raised in Prison
"As an new author, I've had my share of editors. It wasn't until I engaged Melissa's services that I can truly say that the process of refining my manuscript was a rewarding experience. Melissa is professional, knowledgeable, creative, and above all else very versed in the detail oriented nature of a copy editor / consultant. This is the beginning of our working relationship, but to her credit, I am inspired to do much more!" --Taras A. Ford, author of Zoe
  "Melissa is consistent and trustworthy. I value her work and will continue to work with her moving forward. She puts 100% behind her editing and is reliable throughout each step of the process. She is truly one of the best--hands down." --Crystal Lacey Winslow, author and founder of Melodrama Publishing
"Melissa was a joy to work with. She understood exactly what I wanted to accomplish and helped me set goals as well as reach those goals. She has gone beyond what an editor normally does when hired to edit a project. I have used Melissa for a few projects in the past and will continue to use her in the future." -- Erwin T. Hurst Sr., author and owner of KeiterBennett Publishing
 "It's my honor and prestige to write this recommendation on behalf of Melissa Forbes and Carbon Copy Editing. Her editing is always meticulous, detailed and on-point. She tries to ensure every T is crossed and every I is dotted. Whether you are a first-time author, self published or with a major publisher, she is the editor for you. I highly recommend her services from editing to typesetting."--John A. Wooden, author of An Eye For A Deadly Eye
"Working with Melissa was an absolute pleasure. I must admit initially I was a bit apprehensive because I didn't know what to expect. Melissa totally put me at ease. I so appreciate the time she took to thoroughly go through my manuscript. Melissa did an excellent job identifying areas that needed enhancement to make the story flow much better. I'm definitely looking forward to working with Melissa on future projects."--Victoria Wells, author of A Special Summer and When Loves Comes Around