Editing Services:

Proofreading: editing for any grammatical errors, spelling, punctuation, and basic structural errors. $2.25/page*

Content: all services listed under proofreading, as well as highlighting inconsistencies and alerting writers to problems with point of view, pace, and structure. $2.75/page*

Developmental: all services for proofreading and content. Additionally, developmental editing includes suggestions for story improvements (for example, plot and character development), comments regarding clarity, and an honest assessment of your story’s appeal. $3.00/page*

*One page is determined by the following formatting: Double spaced, twelve point, Times New Roman font with one inch margins on all sides.


Manuscript Typesetting/Interior Book Design:

Formatting and designing entire manuscript so it is print ready. Includes converting the Word file to a pdf document, selecting font styles for page numbers (headers and/or footers) and chapter headings, and formatting margins, paragraph indentations, etc.

Flat rate: $300.00

Manuscript Critiques:

Thorough evaluation of manuscript to determine whether it is worthy to be published. A full, written critique is provided, which includes evaluation of setting, plot, characters, writing style, and grammar, a detailed summary of the story, a list and explanation of major and minor things needed to make story publishable, and my overall opinion on whether the manuscript is recommended for publication.

Flat rate: $400.00

Other projects are priced on an individual basis. There is a minimum fee of $45 for any project.

Note: Prices are subject to change.